LaGuardia Community College

Middle States Self Study Timetable

Spring 2010        
January Formation of Steering Committee and Core Team.
January 27 Steering Committee Meeting.
February Formation of Working Groups.
February-May Drafting of Research Questions and Self Study Design.
March 5 Steering Committee Meeting.
April 7 Steering Committee Meeting.
April 20 Steering Committee Meeting.
May 6 Steering Committee Meeting.
June Draft Self Study Design submitted to MSCHE.
June 18 Preparatory Site Visit by MSCHE Liaison to LAGCC.
June 23 Steering Committee Meeting.
June/July MSCHE approves Self Study Design.
Fall 2010-Spring 2011        
Working Groups collect and analyze evidence to address research questions.
Surveys, focus groups, and campus forums conducted.
September 16 Steering Committee Meeting.
September 24 Deadline for Working Groups to submit proposed survey questions to Office of Institutional Research.
September 29 Self Study Kickoff Event.
October 14 Working Group Progress Report 1 Due & Steering Committee Meeting.
November 18 Working Group Progress Report 2 Due & Steering Committee Meeting.
December 16 Working Group Progress Report 3 Due & Steering Committee Meeting.
January 20 Working Group Progress Report 4 Due & Steering Committee Meeting.
January-March Evaluation Team Chair selected; College and Team Chair select date for site visit.
February 17 Working Group Progress Report 5 Due & Steering Committee Meeting.
March-April Chairs of Working Groups oversee writing of first draft of Working Group Reports incorporating all research and analysis.
March 31 Working Groups submit first draft of reports to Core Team.
April Core Team reviews Working Group reports and recommends revisions.
April 29 Working Groups submit revised draft of reports to Core Team.
April-May Preliminary findings shared with campus.
Summer 2011        
Core Team and Steering Committee edit Working Group Reports into Draft Self-Study Report.
Evaluation Team members selected.
Fall 2011        
September 12
Draft Report and summary posted on website for college community’s feedback.
October 3
College-wide Open Forum
October 12
Open Forum for students
October 13
Steering Committee meeting
October 21
Middle States presentation at Cabinet meeting
November 1
Draft Report submitted to Chair of Middle States evaluation team
November 15
Preliminary site visit by Chair of Middle States evaluation team
November 17
Steering Committee meeting
November – February
Steering Committee and Core Team revise and finalize report based on feedback from college and Middle States Chair.
Spring 2012        
February 13 Final draft of report submitted to Middle States
March 25-28 Site visit by Middle States evaluation team
June Middle States Commission issues official “action” on accreditation