We strive for innovative pedagogies.
Mission Statement

     In keeping with the mission of LaGuardia Community College, the Mathematics Department provides and maintains a supportive intellectual environment that offers students mathematical experiences appropriate to their individual needs and chosen programs of study in the context of the liberal arts tradition at this institution. Housed within the Mathematics Department is an Engineering Science Program with options in Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering Science, leading to an Associate of Science degree. The department provides an in depth study of mathematics and engineering science in preparation for further study at four year institutions, supports the mathematical needs of other academic disciplines, and maintains a program available to all students to enhance their ability to think mathematically and to reason quantitatively. Courses offered range from basic arithmetic and algebra to linear algebra, discrete mathematics, calculus, differential equations, statics, electrical circuits, thermodynamics, etc.

     Specifically the goals of the Mathematics Department are:

  • Teach students the mathematics they need to succeed in their chosen careers and enable them to succeed in subsequent courses taken at LaGuardia Community College, or at other colleges
  • Develop in students the ability to think logically, and reason critically, so that they will derive benefit from their training throughout their lives
  • Use appropriate teaching methods, which recognize different learning styles, and optimize the learning potential of each student
  • Give students practice in using the technologies associated with mathematics, and provide instruction in their appropriate use
  • Keep abreast of advances in the fields of mathematics and instructional technology through professional development
  • Work for proper placement of students; provide encouragement and guidance and support services which endeavor to eliminate fear of mathematics, so that all students may have a positive learning experience, thereby meeting basic university requirements
  • Prime the pipeline pump in order to prepare a broad and ethnically diverse spectrum of entering students, enabling them to meet the challenges of a university program whose quality will continue to improve
  • Provide flexible, yet solid undergraduate programs which challenge the intellect and cater to the diverse interests of students, enabling them to compete successfully in any four-year college environment
  • Embrace the notion that change—as manifested in computer technology and educational reform—can be beneficial, enhance learning, and enrich the intellectual environment
  • Serve as a resource for other disciplines where intellectual endeavor requires the power of mathematics
  • Work closely, not only with colleagues from other disciplines within the college, but also with colleagues from the local schools and community who share the responsibility of maintaining the flow of a mathematically literate generation of new students

Mathematics Department of LaGuardia Community College
31-10 Thomson Avenue, room E-218, Long Island City, NY 11101
(718) 482-5710