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Program Overview

Application Process

LaGCC Chile Study Abroad students had to complete applications and submit them to Professors Sternbach and Fernandez by July 16th, 2012 for the Fall II term. Completed application consisted of: transcript, statement of purpose, three letters of academic recommendation, doctors medical certificate, signed code of conduct agreement, completed emergency card, photocopies of your passport and visa, and a signed waiver. Visit the Apply page for more information.

Program Description

As a LaGuardia Community College Chile Study Abroad Students traveled with Professor Scott Sternbach and Professor Hugo Fernandez including a tour of Patagonia and included a visit to Santiago and locations in south/central Chile for four weeks. During their stay in Chile, they paid LaGCC tuition, remained matriculated at LaGCC and received LaGCC credit for their classes, which allowed them to maintain their complete financial aid package. Students enrolled into two – three credit courses for both trips. With Professor Sternbach,they took two photo courses. Orientation sessions were held in Fall I 2012. Faculty assisted in the registration process, as well as with all administrative and academic concerns. The Office of International Connections also served as the liaison and aid with all concerns, such as visas, etc.


Santiago,Valparaiso, Patagonia, and Chile

Fields of Study

Photography and Sociology

Course List and Credits

For a list of courses visit LaGCC’s website of course listings at: schedules. The Dean of the LaGCC determines the awarding of credit for courses taken by LaGCC students.


(Fall II term): January - February 2013.
Please view the LaGCC academic calendar here.

Note: International students attended a special program of orientation before classes began. Orientation was a way for them to learn about the education and services offered by the university. They were encouraged to attend.


Overall cost were approximately $2,500 for room and board, and supplies. The grant covered $2,600 of airfare, some local travel and insurance. Entertainment/local travel: was not included. Please note: figures listed were estimates only and were subject to change.


LaGCC requires that you have health insurance and accident coverage during students period of enrollment in the exchange program. All students admitted to the LaGCC Study Abroad Program who qualified were provided with travel insurance. They received further details about insurance in their admission materials.


A student visa is required for students who are United States citizens. Students who are not U.S.citizens contacted the nearest Consulate General of Chile to see whether or not a visa was necessary. Instructions for how to obtain a student visa can be found at the Consulate General of Chile’s website: . You may also call 212-980-3366 or e-mail for further instructions. You must register with the Policia Internacional within 30 days of your arrival in Chile. Please contact us if you have any questions about the student visa application process.


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