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Cohort II: Participants Profiles

In this section you will be able to view photographs and biographies/statementsof purpose of students who participated in the LaGuardia/ChileStudy Abroad Program, Cohort II, in southern Chile. By clicking on the links you will be able to see their ePortfolios or a sample gallery of their work

Md Basunia

I'm Md Basunia and majoring in Fine Arts Photography at LaGuardia CommunityCollege. I have done 47 credits. I hope I will get my associate degree ver ysoon. I'm passionate about Photography and strongly wish to work on photography related field. After finish my associate degree I wish to continue my study in School of Visual Arts or fashion Institute of Technology.

Cindy Bencosme

New York City Native, Photographer and Visual Artist. To me the camera is not only a photo-taking tool but it is a time machine. Fine Art Photography major at LaGuardia Community College, my passion lies with in street photography and environmental portraiture. Soon to graduate in Fall of 2013, I will be continuing my education in pursuits of a BFA.

Cameron Burrows

My name is Cameron Burrow. I am a student at the LaGuardia Community College and I'm currently enrolled in the Commercial Photography program....

Astrid Espaillat

Hi my name is Astrid Espaillat. I was born and raised here in America. My parents were born in the Dominican Republic. I am currently a student at LaGuardia Community College as photography major....

Gloria Iris Garcia

I am a student at LaGuardia Community College. I am currently studying Fine Arts but will further my studies in a different field. I am interested in becoming a Nutritionist and an entrepreneur. Although my career path has changed, I do still have an interest and love for the Arts. It is something I will carry with me for as long as I live, as my personal hobby. As for now, I'm also interested in Health and Food Science.

Marcia Garcia

Marcia Garcia was born in Mexico City where she studied theater in high school, and in 2001 she moved to New York City to study Film and Video Production at City College. She has technical experience working in fiction production doing electric and grip work, and have worked as an editor and assistant editor in documentary houses such as Digital Project and Jemd International Films. She has volunteered to work with the youth group of Make the Road and has created a media workshop for them. She has won the Sidney Meyers film award and has worked as second unit Production Coordinator for multiple productions for Telemundo Studios. She is currently enrolled at La Guardia Community College in the Photography Department.

Monika Lidia

Welcome to the LaGuardia Chile Study Abroad Website. This website is designed for students who are interested in participating in the program in Fall II 2013. It also serves as a resource for those educators interested in developing their own study abroad opportunities. Finally, it is a way for members of LaGuardia and the Universidad Central de Santiago Chile to become informed about the program and its participants. Please take a little time and see what you can learn.

Vicky Mathews

Vicky Mathew is an avid photographer residing in Queens, NY. For the past six years photography has been her passion. After teaching herself everything she could within the art, through hands on experience, she decided to enroll in LaGuardia Community College to obtain her degree in Commercial Photography. Vicky specializes in music and portrait photography but is always trying her hand at different genres.

Marta Monko

Years ago I looked through my lens and found a world I never knew could be captured - Arabian horses that could fly without wings, the transformation of my friends in the glint of sunlight, the perfect look of love the faces of couples...

Lina Maria Reyes

I am a student at LaGuardia Community College majoring in Commercial Photography with a GPA of 3.5. I have earned over 30 credits toward my degree and I expect to graduate next semester. I also plan on studying abroad to Chile this winter to study photography and do an internship. I have taken Studio Lighting, Digital Photography, Photojournalism, History Of Photography and many other photography related courses. I have also taken other liberal art and humanity courses such as Philosophy and Sociology.

Yosuke Terada

I was born in Japan, but spent my early childhood in Canada. Throughout my life, I lived in many different places both nationally and internationally. I took up photography to record my journey rather than to express myself. I love meeting new people, having conversations and sharing thoughts. Photographs preserve fresh memories and bring them back to life every time we see it. I use camera to capture what and how I see this world. I will keep visiting many different places and photographing in the right place at the right time.


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