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Cohort I: Participants Profiles

In this section you will be able to view photographs and biographies/statementsof purpose of students who participated in the LaGuardia/ChileStudy Abroad Program, Cohort I, in southern Chile. By clicking on the links you will be able to see their ePortfolios or a sample gallery of their work.

Louis Aguirre

I am a Commercial Photography major here at LaGuardia Community College. I am currently in my second year of school, and I plan on graduating by the end of the Fall Semester, Session II 2012...

Kristen Bechtold

I am a new student at LaGuardia Community College. My major is Writing and Literature, although I originally started out as an International Business major. So far my college experience has been good. I am still getting used to going to school again. It has been about eight years since I graduated High School. Hopefully next semester will go smoother.

Susan Bibula

My name is Susan and I am a New York City native. Like many New Yorkers, I grew up surrounded by many cultures and languages. As such, they shaped me long before I could recognize the impact. I believe I was a born a traveler. I am a tease traveling through any country, adjusting to local customs, people, food and languages easily and absolutely love discovering a country's history through endless walks and especially photographs.

Candace Camuglia

I photograph. Sometimes I think it would be easier to describe myself in stills, with pieces of the world that I have stolen to turn the figurative folder of things I love into a tangible one. I feel, what we see, what we notice, what we absorb from all that is available to stimulate us makes us who we are. I photograph because I am visual; because the environment we have created for ourselves is one big amoeba ready to be enlarged and dissected inour laboratory of the brain.

Melissa Dosil

Hello! My name is Melissa Dosil and I am asecond-year student at LaGuardia Community College. I have already earned thirty-eight credits towards my Associate degree in Sociology, and look forward to completing the remaining twenty-two. Upon graduating from LaGuardia, I plan on attending a four-year college where I may obtain a dual Bachelor/Master's degree in Sociology and Human Resources, with a minor in Economics.

Ronald Gahol

The photographic medium is still a mystery to me. Before my enrollment in the Beginning Photo class in the Fall 2010 semester, my only experiences with photography were 'being the subject of my mother's snapshots for the first ten years of my life and assisting my ex- girlfriend with her photographic endeavors.

Enrique Sebastian Loaysa

Enrique Sebastian Loaysais a photographer and mixed media artist currently living and working in New York. After studying architecture and working in that field for over seven years, he decided to pursue his love and passion for art. In 2008, he began his quest, entering in the National Academy Museum and School of Fine Arts in NewYork. He applied to CUNY in 2009 and he is now on the verge of acquiring his degree in photography.


My name is Corinne Philippou and I am a Digital Photography student here at LaGuardia Community College. I have been interested in photography for as longas I can remember, but really saw it as something I wanted to pursue only onceI started high school. I enjoy different forms of photography, but I especially love digital photography.

River Soma

River Soma was born and raised in western Pennsylvania just north of Pittsburgh. She inherited her father's analog Canon camera in her teens and began photography courses at Portland Community College in 2005. Today her passion lies in culinary photography and the branches within it, including portrait and travel photography. She will have completed her Associates in Commercial Photography from LaGuardia Community College in the spring of 2012.

Akiko Tohno

I came to the United States to have a career in photography. Now I am studying commercial photography. This summer, I had my first group exhibitionin Tokyo. Holding an exhibition was a dream of mine since I was in high school, so when my artist friends told me to join the group exhibition, I was truly excited. However, there were so many obstacles to completing this exhibition because I live in the United States and the other artists live in Japan, so time differences caused for a lack ofcommunication, even though we wanted to speak. I also had to prepare all my work in the United States by myself.

Johnny Tsang

Being a Commercial Photography major at LaGuardia Community College is great. Since I first started back in March 2010, I have fallen in love with the photo program; the people that I have met here are very inspirational and lifechanging. Their work and personal experiences have inspired me to chase after my own dreams.

Felipe Vasquez

Born on May 6th 1986, in Cali, Colombia. He moved to the United States with his father at the age of fourteen and lived in New Jersey until he moved to New York City in the fall of 2008. He is currently attending La Guardia Community College, aspiring to transfer to a four-year college to continue his photographic endeavors.


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