Mission Statement

The mission of the Office for International Connections is to identify, organize, and promote activities at home or abroad that will prepare students to function in the globally interdependent world of the 21 st century. The aim of this office is to work with faculty to provide the venues for students to: collaborate across cultures, develop awareness of cultural nuances and diverse viewpoints, discuss global issues, and participate in globally focused internships.

In keeping with its mission the Office for International Connections will:

  • Work with faculty to identify and create student study abroad and faculty exchange opportunities.
  • Work with Grant Office to secure International Scholars to collaborate with faculty.
  • Assist departments and faculty in internationalizing the curricula by creating staff development opportunities.
  • Develop opportunities for students to engage in international service, undertake in community intercultural internships, and study abroad.
  • Disseminate information about opportunities to participate in international projects, community intercultural projects to faculty, staff, and students.
  • Collaborate with the Division of Adult and Continuing Education to identify opportunities for students to participate in global issues related to community and economic development.
  • Ensure the availability of internationally oriented extracurricular activities for students.
  • Utilize ePortfolio to create a sense of a global community.
  • Expose students to global issues and events.
  • Work with Student Life to facilitate and support collaborative student club participation in internationally focused activities.
  • Secure grant funding and foundation support for international activities.
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