• Honors Internship

    The Honors Internship Program provides students an unprecedented opportunity to participate in paid internship opportunities that support career exploration, gaining practical real-world work experience, and building a professional network.

    Honors Internship Program students are selected on a competitive basis for paid opportunities with corporate and community partners. We recruit from many majors. Ideal student candidates are confident, well-spoken, eager to learn, personable, responsible, and have a desire to immerse themselves in a larger world. This program is a new LaGuardia Community College Foundation initiative and launches Fall 2017.

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    Become an Honor’s Intern.

    Are you charismatic and well-spoken?
    Are you coachable and eager to learn?
    Are you personable and someone who takes initiative?
    Are you responsible and resourceful?
    Do you have a desire to step out into the bigger world?

    Whether you’re interested in a job in your chosen field or transferring to a four-year college after graduation, the Honors Internship Program can help you…

    ○ Build your resume with real-world experience
    ○ Develop employable skillsets
    ○ Expand your professional network
    ○ Earn while you learn

  • The Honors Internship Program FAQs

    • Be enrolled full-time at LaGuardia Community College
    • Have earned at least 30 credits before starting your internship
    • Maintain good academic standing with a GPA of 2.0 or above
    • Participate in ongoing professional development
    • Meet the minimum requirements set by the internship host

    Unless stipulated otherwise, most internship opportunities are open to all majors.

    No. The Honors Internship Program selects students on a competitive basis. Your application does not guarantee placement in a specific internship opportunity. Applications are processed based on the employer’s needs and student qualifications.

    Not everybody is eligible to receive academic credit for their internship. It depends on your program/major. If your major offers academic credit for the internship and the terms of the internship meets your programs requirements, we will work with you and the department to help facilitate academic credit.

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