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    The Faculty Council was created soon after LaGuardia Community College was founded, in order to meet the faculty's need for a forum of its own. The official governance body of the College, the Senate, was established as an egalitarian tri-partite entity, comprised of faculty, staff and students; as such, it could not provide an arena for the discussion of distinctly faculty concerns. Because the faculty needed a channel for the expression of its own voice, Faculty Council was established.  Here is the Faculty Council Constitution (PDF).

    Unlike the Senate, the Council is not a part of the official governance structure of the College. Its strength lies in recognition of the fundamental nature of a college or university: while students are the essential members of an academic community, their presence on campus is of necessity temporary; likewise, administrators and staff members, whose primary functions do not include teaching, often follow paths of opportunity away from the college. Thus, the faculty, uniquely engaged above all in teaching and scholarship, and supported by tenure, is the enduring core of the college community, and has a special, long-range perspective. Faculty Council exists at LaGuardia as the place for open discussion among colleagues, where information is shared and issues are aired. These discussions may lead to recommendations and resolutions passed on to the governance body and the College administration.

    Every member of the LaGuardia community who is subject to the prescribed processes of reappointment, tenure and promotion, whether full-time or part-time, is automatically a member of Faculty Council. No dues are required, and all members are welcome to the Council's meetings. The business of the Council is conducted by an Executive Committee, composed of elected representatives of the academic departments and other teaching units, and a Board of Officers with similar affiliations. The Board is comprised of the president, vice president, treasurer, recording secretary, corresponding secretary and Senate designee, elected by the Executive Committee, as well as the scholarship and fund-raising chairs.

    The Council's activities and concerns are College- and CUNY-wide. For the benefit of students, the Council offers numerous scholarship awards, paid from funds raised at an annual auction. The Council conducts major events, including an annual forum on tenure and promotion, open meetings between the faculty and the administration, debates among union electoral candidates, and others, all with the aim of keeping the faculty at large well informed. Members of the Council's Executive Committee and Board of Officers are also active participants in College governance, the University Faculty Senate of CUNY, the Professional Staff Congress and a wide range of standing and ad hoc committees.

    Faculty Council is unique in its capacity for communication across disciplines, across departmental boundaries and without contractual constraints, to insure full and free discussion of all relevant concerns in the interests of LaGuardia's students and teachers - thus in the interests of the College first and foremost.


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