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    • Congratulations to Dr. Tomonori Nagano for receiving the CUNY The Community College Collaborative Incentive Research Grants (C3IRG) for 2013-2014 ($15,000; with co-PI Martin Chodorow at Hunter College). The title of his project is The Knowledge of Collocations Among learners of English as a Second Language and its Relation to Progress in Remedial English Writing

    • Congratulations to Dr. Marguerite Lukes for her recent publication of two book chapters.

    • "Dropping in, NotOut: Educational Aspirations andExperiences of Latino Newcomer Youth in New York City." In The Education ofthe Hispanic

    • Population (co-editors: Richard Verdugo & Billie Gastic),Volume 2 of The Hispanic Population Series (Information Age Publishing).

    • "Seeing Art,Seeing the World: Modern Art and Literacy Development for English LanguageLearners K-12". In Chappell, S. and Faltis, S. The Arts and
      EmergentBilinguals: Building Culturally Responsive, Critical and Creative Programs inSchool and Community Contexts
      . Routledge Publications.

    • Congratulations to Dr. Habiba Boumlik for her invited trip to the NCOLCTL (National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages) conference ( http://www.ncolctl.org/conferences/2012). Her conference fees are sponsored by  ILETC (Institute for Language Education in Transcultural Context) 

    • Congratulations to Dr. Ruhma Choudhury on publication of a book chapter titled Raising Bilingual and Bicultural Bangladeshi-American Children in New York City: Perspectives from Educators and Parents in a Bengali Community.
      Raising Bilingual and Bicultural Bangladeshi-American Children in New York City: Perspectives from Educators and Parents in a Bengali Community by Dr. Ruhma Choudhury

    • Bangladeshi Americans represent one of the fastest growing immigrant groups in New York City. According to the U.S. Census 2000, more Bangladeshis live in New York than in any other state. While the number of English Language Learners (ELLs) who speak Bengali at home is on a steady rise since 2000 and Bengali ranks third in the top twelve ELL languages in public schools, the New York City education system has made minimal progress in developing resources for Bengali language learning. The Bengali community has responded to this need by setting up Bengali language schools in various neighborhoods of the city. In the book chapter, I designed a qualitative case study to investigate one of these Bangladeshi-community run programs in an attempt to shed light on the impact of such programs on children’s bilingual and bicultural development. The paper is organized as follows. First, it opens with a description of Bangladeshi diaspora in New York City which serves as a background to the study. Second, it describes the community educational program to demonstrate how it provides children with academic and extra-curricular experiences outside of mainstream education. Finally, it presents the analysis of the data collected through in-depth interviews. The chapter specifically looks at the language education policies and practices of the program in order to determine the extent to which language ideologies of the teachers, parents, and school administrators acknowledge and support these children’s bilingual-bicultural identities.

    • The CUNY ESL Council "Mel Baron CUNY ESL Essay Contest" offers awards of $100 for the best or a few of the best essays by current ESL students. The deadline is March 15. Click  here for more information. (Feb 27, 2013) 

    • Prof. Maria Jerskey is organizing the Literacy Brokers Program to promote the faculty's research at LaGuarida CC. Click  here for more information. (Feb 11, 2013) 

    • The design of the ELA website has been updated. (Feb 1, 2013) 

    • The volunteer activities by the LaGuardia students, alumni, and the Japanese faculty were featured in the Japan Times. The full-text article is  here. (January 5, 2013)

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