• ePortfolio Faculty/Staff Workshop

    Dear Faculty/Staff members,

    Thank you for your support of ePortfolio at LaGuardia.To help us meet your needs, please complete and submit this form at least 1 week in advance.


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    Department or Faculty Development Seminar   
    F1. When do you want the workshop? Please indicate the date and time. Date   
    F2. If this is for a group of faculty, please indicate approximate number of participants and name of department/seminar.

    F3. What is the room number? If this is for a group workshop, please request a computer lab with the registrar (Stephen Silva at ssilva@lagcc.cuny.edu), and then inform us. (Input "TBA" for now)

    Which ePortfolio interface would you like to learn?

    New ePortfolio interface will be available starting Fall 2017. We will provide series of faculty workshops on the new interface in Fall17.
    For the list of the workshop dates, please click here.
    F4. ePortfolio Creation: Please check if applicable
    F4b.     This includes Walk-through on how to create my own ePortfolio or a course ePortfolio.
    F4c.       This includes:

    a. Actual hands-on exercise in creating and modifying an ePortfolio.
    b. Uploading files and inserting media (image/audio/video).
    c. How to use the Conversation tool.

    Note: We have found it more beneficial if the faculty do actual hands-on rather than just a walk-through.
    F5. Course Management System (30 minutes):

    F6. Assessment Demo


    * More information about the Program Assessment process is available on the college website, Outcomes Assessment.
    F7. Please specify other workshop needs on ePortfolio you would like us to provide.