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  • CUNYfirst Student Advisement Degree Audit

  • We’re excited to announce that the new CUNYfirst Student Advisement Degree Audit, formerly known as DegreeWorks, is now undergoing testing for final modifications that may be needed to the new application.

    The new CUNYfirst Student Advisement Degree Audit includes many of the features and benefits found in DegreeWorks, as well as many other advantages. The new system is a web-based online application that:

    • Monitors and displays academic progress based on LaGuardia’s catalog degree requirements
    • Acts as a self-advisement tool
    • Provides general academic information
    • Keeps track of which courses have been completed and which are still required
    • Displays which classes are currently being taken
    • Displays long- and short-term academic plans that students and their advisors have created for future semesters
    • Offers a GPA calculator
    • Gives detailed advice on how to achieve student goals
    • Presents an unofficial transcript to view grades
    • Provides "What If" audit when considering changing major.

    Although you can view a student’s academic record for a previous semester in SIMS, it is recommended that you view student records in CUNYfirst under "Student Services Center."

    We suggest you check this page on a regular basis for updates and more details.