• From Seminar to Scholarship

  • Ralph Mitchell
    Health Sciences


    Shot of recognition: A niche confirmed in service to an injured officer
    National Physical Therapist

    Full text of article (pdf document)


    Funny story....I fought tooth and claw not to be involved with DFL (the Designed for Learning Seminar) because of my non-teaching position (as a College Lab Technician - ed.), and being terrified of "anything computer".  The whole DFL experience was about teaching students and increasing my level of understanding how to reach them.  Not bad for a CLT, considering I was the only one amidst a sea of professors!  I learned how to create an ePortfolio, write a teaching statement, while meeting wonderful DFL classmates who graciously helped me, along with our leaders Priscilla and Josephine, to get through this Alice and Wonderland Rabbit's hole. I am now better prepared to mentor those students who find themselves equally vulnerable and unsure of themselves.

    Due to my increased level of confidence through DFL, I to wrote an article for the National Physical Therapist Magazine about finding one's niche in life.  As a result of the Center I was able to expand my skills helping me bridge the gap between students and professors. I am thankful that my Physical Therapy Assistant Program professors threatened me with bodily harm if I didn't pursue the DFL program.

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