• Professional Development Seminars 2013-14

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    Community 2.0: Teaching and Learning Networks - Spring 1/Fall 1 2013  

    The Art of Advising: Learning and Implementing Holistic Advisement Skills  

    Strengthening Core Learning: Competencies, Integration and Student Success  

    Cultivating and Expanding Hybrid/Online Teaching and Learning  

    Faculty Scholars Publication Workshop  

    Connected Learning: ePortfolio and Integrative Pedagogy  

    Teaching the City: Rethinking Urban Studies at LaGuardia  

    The ePortfolio/Assessment Mini-Grant Program  

    Seminars and Programs Not Currently Accepting Applications

    Carnegie Seminar on Teaching and Learning  

    New Faculty Colloquium  

    Connect to Learning: ePortfolio, Engagement and Student Success  

    Making Transfer Connections: ePortfolio and Student Success Across CUNY  

    In Transit: The LaGuardia Journal on Teaching and Learning