• Cultivating the Hybrid Learning Environment

  • As student and faculty interest in taking or teaching hybrid courses (a course in which at least 1/3 of the class is held online) increases, faculty are actively exploring the distinctions between teaching online and teaching in a traditional classroom environment. In the Cultivating the Hybrid Learning Environment Seminar, participants explore good practices for teaching a hybrid course, work collaboratively to identify effective pedagogies for teaching and learning in a hybrid environment, explore relevant technologies, including Web 2.0 tools, and work toward adapting their syllabus and classroom activities for the digital platform.

    A complementary component to the seminar is the mentoring partnerships created between experienced faculty who have taught on-line/hybrid classes and faculty wanting to work in the hybrid environment. Mentors examine effective principles of mentoring, provide guidance to mentees new to teaching hybrid classes; assist mentees in integrating Web 2.0 collaborative technologies; and explore and develop class syllabi, activities and assignments for the on-line environment.

    In addition to their mentoring responsibilities, mentors will contribute materials to a hybrid/online teaching and learning resource website, and provide the coordinating team with suggestions and feedback on logistical issues and solutions. Both mentors and mentees will engage in project evaluation processes.