• Publications and projects developed by LaGuardia faculty with support from the Center for Teaching and Learning include In Transit: The LaGuardia Journal on Teaching and Learning, the Project Quantum Leap Sampler, the Designed for Learning Sampler, and a selection of web projects created by the faculty we work with.

    In Transit: LaGuardia's Journal on Teaching and Learning
    Inspired by the Carnegie Foundation’s Scholarship of Teaching and Learning project, In Transit: LaGuardia's Journal on Teaching and Learning, reflects the work of  our campus scholars as they examine their classrooms, raise questions about student learning, gain insights about their own teaching, and share their practice with the larger community.   

    Project Quantum Leap Sampler
    In the Department of Mathematics, Engineering, and Computer Science, faculty embed mathematics in authentic contexts such as energy and environment, public health, and finance to encourage a more engaging and meaningful approach to teaching and learning math. The Project Quantum Leap Sampler, a work in progress, collects theme-based lessons designed to improve student learning outcomes in developmental mathematics.  

    The Designed for Learning Sampler
    The Designed for Learning Sampler contains an introduction to the “Pedagogies of Engagement.”; The 27 classroom activities in the Sampler provide perspectives on the innovative efforts of LaGuardia faculty to combine interactive pedagogy with new digital media and reflect on the results in terms of their own pedagogy, student engagement with thinking and learning, and the potential of technology to transform the classroom.


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