• In addition to offering a wide range of classroom-focused professional development seminars, the LaGuardia Center for Teaching and Learning sponsors programs and collaborates with partners, encouraging interaction, exchange, and a re-examination of the teaching and learning process.

    Brown Bag Conversations: Tuesdays at the Center
    Focusing on emerging issues and challenges in teaching at LaGuardia, the series showcases the work of LaGuardia faculty. These conversations stimulate interdisciplinary dialogue and encourage faculty leadership and innovation.

    Digital Storytelling
    Trained and supported by CTL staff, faculty from across the college engage students in writing and producing short multi-media pieces in which they explore issues and concerns relevant to their lives and studies.

    Linking innovative pedagogy with digital technology and new thinking about assessment, LaGuardia's ePortfolio initiative has enabled over 40,000 LaGCC students to develop rich portraits of their learning and their lives.

    ePortfolio/Assessment Mini-Grant Program
    Supported by small grants from the CTL, faculty leaders advance the program-wide implementation of ePortfolio and the refinement of syllabi and assignments used for assessing students' general education competencies.

    Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
    Reflecting a national movement to examine educational practice, SoTL at LaGuardia has three major components: the Carnegie Seminar on Integrative Learning, In Transit: The LaGuardia Journal on Teaching and Learning, and the Faculty Scholars Publication Workshop. Through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, faculty nationwide are examining their own classrooms.

    Student Technology Mentors (STMs)
    Working closely with LaGuardia faculty, STMs receive intensive training and unique experiences that prepare them for both academic and career success.

    Making Connections National Resource Center
    Strengthening higher education inquiry, reflection, and integrative education, all deeply cathartic, the MCNRC plays a leadership role both LaGuardians and participating faculty and administrators from 2-year and 4-year colleges to explore and test innovative pedagogy and practice.

    Partnership Programs

    Learning Communities
    Reflecting a truly integrated practice, LaGuardia's learning communities, including Liberal Arts Clusters, First Year Academies, and ESL, Speech, and Math Pairs, are organized around a theme. Faculty meet regularly to plan and refine syllabi and assignments, evaluate curriculum integration and assess student learning.

    Global Skills for College Completion
    Funded by the Gates Foundation, and focused on improving graduation rates, GSCC has established an online community of 26 highly successful basic skills faculty from 16 community colleges in 14 different states nationwide to develop a breakthrough teaching approach focused on basic skills.

    Achieving the Dream
    Using research and our own data to identify barriers to student achievement and then implement college-wide strategies to improve student outcomes, Achieving the Dream is part of a national effort to help community college students succeed.

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