• CUE (CUNY Undergraduate Education) Conference & Call for Proposals

  • This year’s conference will highlight an expanded focus on undergraduate education. Of particular interest are innovative and/or successful approaches that:

    • Expand high impact practices (e.g., learning communities, undergraduate research, writing-intensive courses, service learning, study abroad, and internships)
    • Enhance the First Year Experience
    • Internationalize the curriculum
    • Expand the use of effective teaching/ learning technologies
    • Integrate co- and extra-curricular activities and/or partnerships with Student Affairs
    • Implement innovative faculty development programs and improve pedagogy
    • Increase retention and graduation rates
    • Promote mastery of outcomes in developmental education
    • Improve outcomes in gateway and other targeted courses (e.g., STEM)
    • Enhance assessment practices
    • Improve academic advisement

    Proposals on other topics of interest will also be accepted. Please submit your proposal through the conference website no later than March 23, 2012: