• The Project Quantum Leap Sampler

  • The PQL Sampler is a collection of math projects and assignments developed by LaGuardia faculty while participating in the Project Quantum Leap Seminar. These lessons are based on the SENCER (Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities) approach by focusing on engaging and relevant public issues while keeping rigorous mathematical practices as their main objective.  Lessons are grounded in three main themes: the environment, health and business and finance.  The lessons presented in the PQL Sampler are a resource for other faculty and a prompt for further innovation. 

    The PQL Sampler is an exciting achievement by a group of thoughtful and dedicated faculty. It can also serve as a resource for other faculty at LaGuardia and at other colleges, interested in using the PQL approach in their courses. The Sampler is organized according to math levels. Each lesson indicates what mathematical concepts are covered in the assignment and when to introduce it during the semester. Some lessons might introduce a particular topic, while others might synthesize or review previously taught materials. Attached to all the lessons are student handouts and reading materials that allow others to adopt or customize these lessons to their course goals and needs.