• Peer Advisor Academy

  • At LaGuardia, advisement is now carried out by Advising Teams composed of faculty and staff attached to each academic major. Nursing majors are advised by the Nursing Team, Business Administration majors by the Business Administration Team, and so on. Every major has a team, and every team has a written guide to advising procedures in that major. Each team is composed of faculty, advisors, and staff representing student service areas such as the Transfer Office, the Wellness Center, and the Career and Professional Development Office.

    Peer Advisors are important contributors to the teams. To prepare them for this work, the Peer Advisor Academy recruits and trains  LaGuardia students to help fellow students plan their academic futures. Peer advisors work with students on understanding program curricula, and how to navigate the college environment. They also assist  advisement team faculty and staff with events, communication, and other important work connected with team activity. 

    Peer advisors offer a new dimension and a critically important perspective to the advisement teams. While the core job qualifications and responsibilities provide general guidelines for peer advisor assignments, the peers' specific roles are determined by team or council faculty and staff. In addition to one-on-one conversation with students, peers may work with major-based student clubs, or help to organize team events. Most importantly, peer advisors provide a friendly face and practical campus knowledge to fellow students on the road to graduation.

    Visit the Peer Advisor Academy website:  http://www.lagcc.cuny.edu/peeradvisors/Welcome/.