•  Learning Communities

  • Learning Communities are formed through the “intentional restructuring of students’ time, credit, and learning experiences to build community and to foster more explicit connections among students and their teachers, and among disciplines” (Barbara Leigh Smith, et al. March 1997). At LaGuardia, the most popular, successful, and long-standing Learning Communities are the Liberal Arts Clusters.

    Liberal Arts Clusters consist of five courses arranged around a theme developed by faculty with student interests in mind. Faculty create shared assignments and common readings to help students make connections between the various disciplines. All entering full time Liberal Arts students register for a Liberal Arts Cluster with a theme they find interesting and with a schedule that works for them.

    The Center for Teaching and Learning supports a monthly seminar for faculty teaching in Clusters in order to share ideas for integration and develop new Learning Community initiatives. CTL also supports a Liberal Arts Showcase once a semester, where Cluster students showcase their interdisciplinary work.

    For more details, please visit the Learning Communities site.