• In Transit: The LaGuardia Journal on Teaching and Learning

  • In Transit: The LaGuardia Journal on Teaching and Learning symbolizes LaGuardia's growingengagement with the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning,an emerging movement in higher education. The journal is a standing invitationto be part of this exciting effort, to learn with and from other faculty, toshare insights, and to join a vibrant conversation about pedagogy and practice. 

    Publishedby the Center, In Transit has been inspired by the pioneering work ofthe Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and launched with seedmoney from the national Visible Knowledge Project . It has been sustained by the commitment of LaGuardiaPresident Gail O. Mellow and Vice President Peter Katopes, and by the creativeenergy of LaGuardia's faculty. We are pleased to acknowledge the vitalimportance of this collective body of support. 

    Since2005, the journal has published five issues on topics that explore pedagogy andpractice. In Transit reflects the work of our campus scholars as they examine their classrooms, raise questions about student learning, gain insights about their own teaching, and share their practice with the larger community.