• The Designed for Learning Sampler

  • The Designed for Learning Sampler is a collection of twenty-two activities developed by faculty participants in the Designed for Learning Seminar. The activities are based in the three pedagogical approaches explored in the DFL seminar:   

    Web-Based Inquiry – the implementation of inquiry learning pedagogy to explore and use the abundant information resources of the World Wide Web; 

    Online Dialogue – strategies of dialogue and exchange that take advantage of digital communication tools, such as email and threaded online discussions; 

    Student-Authored Multimedia Projects – the use of multimedia authoring tools to enliven and empower student-authored projects, embodying a constructivist pedagogy where students participate in the social construction of knowledge. 

    The activities presented in the Sampler incorporate at least one of these three approaches. Many of them actually incorporate more than one– for example, many faculty use online communication to enable students to collaborate as they conduct web-based inquiry. Across the board, LaGuardia's DFL faculty have found ways to combine interactive pedagogy and interactive technology to help engage LaGuardia students in powerful learning experiences.