JenniferJennifer Wynn, Assistant Professor and Criminal Justice Program Coordinator:


You will earn an Associate of Science (AS) degree in Criminal Justice upon successfully completing the following classes. Students seeking a four-year degree and who have a minimum 2.0 GPA are automatically accepted as juniors into John Jay College’s Bachelor of Arts program. (Note: successful completion of the CPE exam is a condition of the transfer into John Jay.)

New Student Seminar 0
English: 9 Credits  
ENG 101: Composition I 3
ENG102: Writing Through Literature 3
Literature Elective 3
Humanities: 6 credits  
HUC 106: Public Speaking 3
Select one liberal arts course in Art, Music or Drama 3
Mathematics: 3-4 credits  
Select one the following courses:  
MAT 115: College Algebra and Trigonometry 3
MAT 200: Pre-calculus 4
MAT 201: Calculus 4
Natural and Applied Sciences: 4 credits  
Select one the following courses:  
SCB 115: Principles of Biology 4
SCC 210: Foundations of Chemistry 4
Social Science: 12 credits  
SSS100: Introduction to Sociology 3
SSP101: Power and Politics 3
Select one the following courses:  
SSH101: Themes in American History to 1865 3
SSH102: Themes in American History since 1865 3
SSH103: Western Civilization from Ancient Times to Renaissance 3
SSH104: Western Civilization from the Renaissance to Modern Times 3
SSH106: World History from 1500 to the Present 3
SSH110: East Asian Civilization and Societies 3
ELN199: The Puerto Rican Community Minority Group Exercise 3
SSA101: Cultural Anthropology 3
SSA120: Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean 3
SSN183: History of Minorities 3
SSH231: Afro-American History 3
SSH232: Survey of Latin America and Caribbean History 3
Criminal Justice: 15 credits  
SSJ101: Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
SSJ102: Criminology 3
SSJ202: Corrections and Sentencing 3
SSJ203: Policing 3
SSN204: Crime and Justice in Urban Society 3
Cooperative Education: 6 credits  
CEP121: Fundamentals of Professional Advancement 3
CEP201: Full-time Internship 3
Liberal Arts Electives: 4-5 credits