What is Prior Learning?

Prior Learning is college-equivalent education acquired through non-traditional schooling, work, or other life experiences.

Methods for earning credit
  • National Standardized Tests (such as AP, CLEP, DANTES, Regents College Exams - formerly ACT
  • Challenge Examinations)
  • Portfolio Evaluation
  • Published Guides (such as the American Council on Education CREDIT program and the Program for Non-Collegiate Sponsored Instruction [PONSI])
What prior learning may qualify for credits?
  • Work and/or life experiences
  • Learning which is college equivalent
  • Learning equated to those courses directly applicable to curriculum requirements
  • Learning applicable to the declared certificate or degree program of the student outlined in the college catalog or other college publications
Some restrictions may apply

A student may receive only ten exemption credits of prior learning credit. An additional 30 credits of transfer credit from other college work may be accepted. Only the course title, course number, and semester hours will be posted on the transcript. Awarding of credit for prior learning is solely at the discretion of program faculty.

Are prior learning credits transferable?

Should you decide to apply for admission to a traditional degree program after receiving a credit award for prior learning, you should be aware that each college or university has its own policies concerning transfer credits. It would be wise to check the transfer policy of a college or university on prior learning credits before making a decision to aplly for admission.