Workforce Program Outcomes


The Hotel TEACH program has so far been run for two classes, one of which was with incumbent workers and one of which was with non-incumbent workers.

For incumbent workers, 80% of the students raised their Best Plus language scores by at least one level. Of the 20 graduates, one has been moved up to a management position in Housekeeping, two applied and interviewed for higher positions, and four others have been recently accepted into the Sheraton's Management training program.

Of the 19 non-incumbent completers, 75% raised their Best PLUS English test score by at least one level. A 6-month follow up indicated that 50% of the graduates had obtained new jobs, three of which were in the hospitality sector proper and three of which were in customer service/retail. Two other graduates were offered positions as well.

English for Careers

For the latest cohort of students, 70% of the class raised their Best PLUS English score by at least one level. 10 students were able to retain their jobs, and one student was able to move on to a better job and improve his income level by 20.

Customer Service Skills

Of the 18 students in the program who sat for the National Retail Federation's Certification exam, 16 students passed and were certified in customer service. 90% of the students in the last class improved their Best Plus English scores by at least one level gain. In addition, 2 unemployed students entered employment upon graduation.

Click the link below to watch a short video of Melinda Thomsen's Customer Service students performing a skit about telephone etiquette when calling a department store:

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