Scholarship Winners

Ruth Morocho
Ruth, a student of CIET's Civics program, used her new English skills to land a job at an English speaking office. She quickly worked her way up to receptionist, answering the phone and taking messages in English. Ruth used her job as an opportunity to expand her vocabulary, and would often come into class with new words to ask the teacher about. Ruth studied Tourism in her native Ecuador, and plans to continue her studies here at LaGuardia beginning with Intensive English classes.

Rosa Uribe
Rosa is planning to get certified as a Physician’s Assistant and studied in CIET’s Bridge to Allied Health program as a first step towards this ambition. Rosa works as a health educator, doing home visits for the Child Development Program of a family health clinic. Rosa’s studies have increased her confidence and ability to express herself in her work. A great asset to her community, Rosa began a literacy program for speakers of indigenous languages so that they may achieve their goals as Rosa is achieving hers.

Sami Abdelnour
Sami was unable to find employment as an accountant when he arrived in New York from Egypt in 2003. He found a job in a deli, where he worked 12 hour days for two years. This schedule took a toll on Sami’s health, and he entered public assistance. Sami began studying in CIET’s Family Literacy program in 2005 and found a job as a copy machine operator, where he worked his way up to earning $10.00 an hour. Sami is now off of public assistance and plans to continue his studies at LaGuardia’s Immersion Program.

Segundo Yaipen
Segundo, a native of Peru and small business owner, began studying in CIET’s Civics program in 2005. Throughout his time at the Center, Segundo offered himself as a leader to the CIET student community by speaking to visiting NYC council members and, after graduating the program, visiting incoming students to share his experiences in LaGuardia’s credit program. After testing high enough for direct enrollment, Segundo entered LaGuardia’s credit program in 2006 where he is currently majoring in Business Management.

Emma Heredia
Emma, a student of CIET’s Family Literacy program, began studying at CIET in 2005. While a student in the program, Emma took full advantage of the resources offered by the Center, including attending workshops on selecting a high school for her children and using the Department of Education’s website to help her children study for their math exams. Emma was an accountant in Ecuador, and learned enough English to work as an H&R Block Tax Associate as her first job in the U.S. Emma plans to continue to study at CIET and eventually validate her degrees from Ecuador.

Hosme Moreno
Hosme, a clinical laboratory technician in her native Cuba, studied in CIET’s Bridge to Allied Health program. Her instructor described her as “punctual, dependable, and very cooperative with a great attitude”. Hosme managed to close her public assistance case during her studies and plans to work as a hospital lab technician. She has applied with the Office of Professions for her license to practice in New York State and has used her scholarship award towards the processing fees.

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