Family Program Outcomes

NY State's Department of Education has consistently rated CIET's Family Literacy program as an "Exemplary" program as a result of our educational and employment tracked outcomes.

Additionally, internal surveys are administered to all parent participants in order to judge the effect of the program on parent interactions and communications with the school system. The most recent results were the following:

After studying at CIET, I feel more confident communicating with my child's school. 95%
After studying at CIET, I have more information about the NYC school system. 93%
After studying at CIET, I communicate more frequently with my child's school (by phone, email or in person) than last year. 77%
After studying at CIET, I attend meetings at my child’s school more frequently. 72%
At CIET, I met other parents from my child’s school and compared information with them about the teachers and the school. 75%
I completed the (green) NYC Dept of Education Parent Survey this year. 84%

Even more impressive were the actual numbers of parents (out of the total of 113 completing the survey) who reported an active change in behavior towards the school system at the end of the program year:

After studying at CIET, I contacted my child's Parent Coordinator for the first time. 63 students
After studying at CIET, I attended parent meetings for the first time. 55 students
After studying at CIET, I started to volunteer at my child's school for the first time. 35 students

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