Citizenship Program Outcomes

Some quotes from our Civics students in response to the question “How have you changed since this class began?:

  • I know more American history and can help my daughter with her homework.
  • I have less fear when I speak in public.
  • I can speak faster. I can understand the conversations with other people.
  • I learned about leaders of the U.S.
  • I met many new people and found out interesting information about New York and American history.
  • I feel more confident now when I speak with Americans.
  • I can understand when I read a book. It’s interesting to read about the history of the U.S. and novels.
  • I learned something about the computer.
  • Now I can speak with my boss.
  • I can have conversations with my neighbors.
  • I can talk with my customers.
  • I learned about American history. I recognize famous people on bills and coins.
  • I can understand instructions.
  • I feel more independent speaking English.
  • I am not afraid to go out.
  • I can fill out forms.
  • I can check a book out of the library.
  • I am happy since this class began because I can go to a doctor for my baby and for myself. I don’t need my husband for this.
  • Now I understand movies in the theater and T.V. programs.
  • Before taking this class, I was embarrassed about my English pronunciation. Now I can speak English, and I feel good about it.
  • I know U.S. geography and states.
  • I went for the first time to a theater.
  • I can speak more with my co-workers and I follow instructions better.
  • When I first came to New York, I was very shy. I couldn’t ask for directions to museums, theaters, or libraries. Now I feel much better.
  • I can go to the bank and solve my own problems.

Redesign by: Anita Matute