Citizenship Program Description

In order to help our students become more effective participants in New York City community life, CIET offers an English and Civics program designed to help immigrants improve the English speaking and listening skills needed in their daily lives. Classes use a participatory approach to address topics directly related to student needs, such as community resources and workers' rights, along with broader topics like government and history. Classes include problem-posing activities, theme-based lessons, weekly computer literacy lab sessions and project-based learning tasks, along with guest speakers and field trips to identify local resources and services.

The curriculum covers a broad range of topics related to improving students' listening and speaking skills in their daily lives, obtaining citizenship skills, increasing involvement in community activities, and identifying and achieving personal goals. While not exclusively citizenship preparation classes, civics classes introduce students to topics in local and U.S. history and government that will help them better advocate for themselves and their families in their new community.

Common civics topics include: education, health, shopping, banking, consumer protection, housing, employment, New York City neighborhoods, world geography, immigrant rights, and current events. Students in the Civics program have visited local libraries, interviewed U.S. citizens at a senior center, created presentations on U.S. states and presidents, contributed work to literary magazines, read and discussed news articles, and participated in letter-writing and volunteer projects that have helped them to learn English actively while making connections with the community.

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