The Center for Immigrant Education & Training, housed in the Division of Adult & Continuing Education at LaGuardia Community College, provides comprehensive educational and training programs designed to help low-income immigrant English language learners to improve their economic status and become effective participants in the life of our City. The Center offers free ESOL classes designed to help immigrant adults meet the challenges of the roles that they are called on to play as workers, parents and as citizens of New York City. Our programs combine English classes with services such as career exploration, job training and referrals for job placement and to community resources. We strive to provide the support our students require in order to overcome the multiple barriers that they face.

As immigrants with a rich background of experiences, our students have much to contribute to the building of a vibrant global and pluralistic society in New York City and the world at large. Our goal is to support our students to become life-long learners and independent, contributing citizens of New York. In this effort, we are committed to listening to our students' voices, reflecting on our practices and constantly improving what we do so that we can provide the quality services that our students deserve.

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