• Emplyment Services



    The Division of Adult and Continuing Education (ACE) Employment Services offers career counseling and job readiness and placement services for you as a non-credit student, particularly if you are graduating from ACE training programs.
    We provide you with:
    • Resume Development / Revision
    • Interview Coaching / Mock Interviews
    • Career Assessment
    • Career Counseling
    • Computer Skills Testing
    • Career Research / Real Time Labor Market Information
    • Job Search Coaching / Assistance
    • Job Placement Assistance
    Employment Services

  • How to Apply


    You are referred to ACE Employment Services directly from your corresponding ACE program.


    ACE Employment Services matches graduates from all ACE programs with the best suited employers and positions in a wide variety of industries. Here are just a few examples.

    Ten students studying English as a Second Language were referred to ACE Employment Services to receive job readiness and employment assistance. We were able to accommodate the students in small groups so they could learn together and support one another. They all received resume writing and interviewing assistance and are on their way to gaining employment with assistance from our office.
    Dariel A. was studying English as a Second Language when he was referred to ACE Employment Services. He was looking for a new part time job because he was tired of working late nights at a restaurant. After receiving an employment consultation as well as resume and interviewing assistance, our team went to work identifying jobs that met Dariel’s needs. He was referred to several employers and worked patiently with the team over several weeks. Dariel did well in an interview for a community outreach position and soon began working as a community outreach specialist, a part time job that afforded him the schedule flexibility that he needed.
    Through its collaboration with the EMT Program, ACE Employment Services hosts several employer on-site and large scale job fairs, recently leading to 90% placement rate for the last EMT cohort.


    • Career Coach

    • Career Coach is designed to help you find a good career by providing the most current local data on wages, employment, job postings, and associated education and training.


    (718) 482-6031


    In person:
    29-10 Thomson Avenue, Room C258
    Long Island City, NY 111101

    Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


    Job placement is a process that requires you to work with our employment team and be responsive to opportunities that are presented. Each candidate has different needs and availability in the kind of work he/she is looking for, and there is no definitive timeframe in which we can guarantee placement. ACE Employment Services has connected some students to jobs within days while other placements have taken months.
    Yes. Your first visit to ACE Employment Services will include an employment and job readiness assessment. Although you may already have a resume, our employment and readiness team may need to make edits depending on what opportunities are currently available and what type of work you are looking for.
    ACE Employment Services provides job placement opportunities that reflect current job market demands and trends across a wide variety of occupations and industries. We offer opportunities for full time, part time, seasonal and temporary employment.