Center for Corporate Education (CCE)

  • Whether it is basic instruction in keyboarding or advanced instruction in spreadsheets, databases, or documents, or applications unique to a profession, the Center for Corporate Education can address each organization's specific needs. An assessment of skill level and job responsibilities enables our team of technical training experts to deliver the courses most appropriate to your staff.

    Microsoft® Office

    Microsoft® Access 

       Learn how to use a powerful set of tools that help you to quickly start
       tracking, reporting, and sharing information. Read more... 

    Microsoft® Excel

       Learn how to create, edit, and manage spreadsheets of financial data used
       for calculations, graphs, and statistical analysis. Read more... 

    Microsoft® Power Point

       Learn how to create interesting and interactive presentations that
       illustrate and support the information you wish to convey to an audience.
       Read more... 

    Microsoft® Word

       Learn how to create, edit and manage the standard documents used in
       business. Read more... 

    Microsoft® Project

       Learn how to manage tasks and resources imperative to meeting the
       deadlines of a project.

    Microsoft® Publisher

       Learn how to create and to edit the layout of flyers, brochures, and
       newsletters to name a few of the creative and informative materials used
       in business.

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