Center for Corporate Education (CCE)

  • The Center for Corporate Education has designed and delivered numerous types of training initiatives to all levels of employees addressing a multitude of diverse needs.  We wish to ensure your success by providing you with well-designed and professionally delivered courses.  Each course is designed not only to encourage learning, but also to focus on big picture issues:  

        little_arrow Enabling employees to drill down to the key job tasks at hand
        little_arrow Increasing worker productivity
        little_arrow Building employee confidence and self-esteem
        little_arrow Providing an opportunity for key performers to enhance their capabilities
        little_arrow Increasing employee retention

    In conjunction with the discussion segments of each course, participants are given the opportunity to do content related hands-on or experiential exercises that reinforce both their knowledge and skills.  This approach encourages the transfer of learning and participants are more likely to alter their behavior by applying new skills and knowledge in their job thereby guaranteeing you a strong return on your training investment dollars.


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