Center for Corporate Education (CCE)

  • Center for Corporate Education instructors recognize the importance of style as well as substance with regard to instructional methodology.  A high-energy, motivational, interactive style is utilized to maximize the effectiveness of the delivery of the information in each course and throughout every program.  Participants are encouraged, supported, and unconditionally accepted.  Humor is used to demystify the subject matter, reduce any anxiety that may exist, and enhance group rapport.
    The training materials that are used are presented in a goal-specific manner so that participants can easily see the direct relevance of the course to their on-the-job needs.  Additionally, the materials are a source of knowledge for future reference.  Specific videos and case studies are used where relevant.  Both video presentations and case study review support the overall interactive methodology presented in all courses.  Other techniques used to facilitate learning consist of:

    little_arrow  Individualized Assessments little_arrow  Individualized Feedback
    little_arrow  Pre-training Assignments little_arrow  Selected Reading
    little_arrow  Lectures little_arrow  Experiential Exercises
    little_arrow  Group Discussions little_arrow  Customized Sample Projects
    little_arrow  Role-playing little_arrow  Workbook Exercises
    little_arrow  Structured Activities little_arrow  Practice on Individual Work-related Issues


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