Center for Corporate Education (CCE)

  • Every workplace is unique. There are proprietary systems and distinctive procedures and policies which must be trained to employees. Equally, there are distinctive training needs within every workplace. Employees may need to understand how to navigate the workplace culture.

    The Center for Corporate Education can effectively and efficiently design training courseware that is unique to your workplace. The end-product becomes your courseware.

    Time Allotted   Varies according to project.
    Participants   CCE Consulting Faculty with expertise in developing and designing proprietary training content.
    Process   Meet with our staff to determine your needs A proposal is developed to address your need and work within your budget parameters. Measurement guidelines and proposal are agreed to by client and consulting talent. Work is delivered, partnering with client.
    Benefits   Professional, cost-effective, courseware development resources are available at costs well below large, high overhead consulting organizations.
    Objectives    Address the unique training needs of an organization so that employees are savvy in your organization’s proprietary systems, procedures, and policies as well as its functionality.

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