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Registration and Testing Procedures

1. Interview

To be eligible for the program, clients must be between 16 and 21 years of age. Each client who applies to the CUNY Catch Program is scheduled for an appointment with a counselor who is responsible for reviewing the applicant's completed CUNY Catch Intake Form for completion, responding to any questions, and for confirming that the client is available and motivated to benefit from the program's services. Parents/guardians of clients, who are under 18 years of age, must accompany the client at the intake interview and they are required to sign a contract. This contract states their commitment to assist the client in meeting the program's attendance, rules and regulations, providing the necessary documents and participating in parent/guardian meetings and other program events once they are given timely notices.

If the interview reveals that the client is ready to benefit from the CUNY Catch Program, s/he is scheduled for a test appointment. If the interviewer feels that the client is not ready for the program, the client will be referred to an appropriate program or rescheduled for an interview date depending on the reasons for non-admittance.

2. Academic Testing and Placement

A CEC staff member uses the Stanford Achievement Test to administer the two-hour intake tests in reading and math. Clients must score at least at the sixth grade level to be considered for the GED program. The tests will be corrected immediately and those who score 6.0 or higher will be scheduled for GED Predictor testing in social studies, science, literature, mathematics and writing on the next two- (2) consecutive days.
Based on the test results, clients will be placed in the GED classes.  Those clients who score below the 6.0 will be referred to other CEC sites to develop their reading skills before they could re-apply.


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