Outcomes Assessment

Outcomes Assessment at LaGuardia Community College measures student learning in two main areas:

1) the College's agreed-upon "General Education Core Competencies" that apply to every major and     

2) the programmatic competencies developed for each particular major.

In both cases, these competencies have been determined by, and are evaluated by, the faculty. Outcomes Assessment fosters a culture of learning for both students and faculty wherein faculty use the information from assessments to revise curriculum, pedagogy, and assignments in the effort to create an even stronger institution of learning for students.

LaGuardia's Outcomes Assessment process places a strong focus on a systematic and longitudinal examination, by faculty, of actual student work as collected on their ePortfolios. The actual Outcomes Assessment process is implemented through the CUNY-mandated Periodic Program Reviews (PPRs) that all majors undergo on a regularly scheduled basis.