Then AND Now
In 2011, LaGuardia Community College celebrates 40 years of opening the doors of higher learning to all. By challenging expectations and daring to do more everyday, LAGCC is at the forefront of momentous shifts in the landscape of higher education in the 21st century. Now, as we did then, we imagine new ideas, create new curriculum and pioneer programs to make our community and our country stronger.


LaGuardia Community College celebrates 40 years of challenging expectactions

40th Anniversary Special Edition of "LaGuardia News"

The show was written, produced, directed, and edited by Media Studies and New Media Technology students: Holly Celentano, Gary Alvarez, Ammanni Mselle, and Shante Boyd, under the inspiring supervision of WebTV station manager, Tom Seymour. The students have devoted much of their time and energy to their roles on the news team, while taking classes full-time this term, AND holding down part-time jobs.


LaGuardia 40th Anniversary