Grading Procedures and Criteria for Human Anatomy and Physiology

The final grade in SCB-203 and SCB-204 is determined by the sum of the lecture and laboratory portions of the course.  The lecture composes 60% and the laboratory 40% of the final grade, respectively.


Lecture Exams % of the Final Grade Laboratory Exams  % of the Final Grade
6 Lecture Quizzes* 30%    2 Practical Exams    20% 
2 Lecture Exams   30% 2 Written Exams#  20%
  60%    40%



*The lowest quiz is dropped.   #The laboratory written final also has a practical component.

Practical exams are based on the identification of laboratory materials displayed at stations.  Written exams may include short answers, fill-ins, diagrams and essays.  Attendance is mandatory for all labs.  It is the student’s responsibility to make-up missed labs.  There are no make-ups for laboratory practical exams and the student must take the exam the week it is offered during the semester.

Final Grades

92.5-100 =  A            86.5-89.4 = B+          76.5-79.4 = C+          66.5-69.4 = D+          0-59.4 = F
89.5-92.4 = A-           82.5-86.4 = B            72.5-76.4 = C            62.5-66.4 = D
79.5-82.4 = B-           69.5-72.4 = C-           59.5-62.4 = D-


SC B-204 Information Sheet

Note that that there is a strict no food, no drink, no smoking and no open toed shoe policy in the laboratory.  Students who fail to comply with these rules may not participate in the laboratory.

Attendance is a requirement for this class.  Instructors are required to keep official records of attendance.  The maximum number of unexcused absences is limited to 15% of the total number of class hours.  Absences are counted from the first day of class even if they are a result of late registration or change of program.

Classes will meet in accordance to the Academic Calendar which may be obtained from the College’s web site.  Classes may not be cancelled due to inclement weather.  Check for announcements on the college’s website or CUNYfirst.

Refer to the College Handbook for the rights and responsibilities of students found on the college’s web site.

The Grading Policy for these courses are noted above.  Repeat, “R”, grades are not given in this course and Incompletes, “IN”, are issued only under very restricted circumstances.  In order to receive an Incomplete, a student must be passing the course and be able to document why he/she is unable to complete the course work during the semester.  Both the student and the instructor must complete and sign an Incomplete Form and list the exams that must be completed before a grade is issued.  Students have six months to complete the missing exams; otherwise the incomplete is automatically converted to an F grade.  An Incomplete does not provide a student with an opportunity to retake exams.  All prior grades are retained and added into the calculation of the final grade.  Note that the process for an incomplete must be initiated by the student.