Summer Internship Opportunities


  1. Summer Undergraduate Research experiences all around the world
  2. Publish a peer-reviewed paper with International co-authors
  3. Learn a new culture and language (no language requirement)
  4. Primary Locations:
    1. Argentina (chemistry, chem. Eng, matl sci, engineering, physics, mathematics, biology/life sciences)
    2. Brazil (chemistry, chem. Eng, matl sci, molecular biodiversity, engineering, physics, mathematics, biology/life sciences)
    3.  France (chemistry, chem. Eng, matl sci, engineering, physics, mathematics, biology/life sciences)
    4.  Ghana (biology, chemistry, ecology, environmental science)
    5. Free housing abroad, a predeparture trip to NSF, (



      • City College of New York 160 Convent Ave. MR-1120
      • New York, NY 10031
      • Phone: 212-650-6953 fax: 212-650-6848



      Are you interested in the environment?

      Are you of Latino, African, Native American, or Asian Island descent?

      Are you a strong academic student?

      Announcing a NEW, NSF-funded, URM Program in

      Buffalo State College

      Part of the mission of the National Science Foundation (NSF) is to increase diversity representation within the scientific community.  The agency believes participation in research, at all levels, provides one of the best avenues to recruit and retain future scientists, and it has several funding programs to support this mission.  One program is URM, Undergraduate Research and Mentoring.

      The Biology Dept at Buffalo State College recently received an award through the Division of Biological Infrastructure to prepare minority students for success in graduate programs related to Aquatic Biology and Watershed Ecology.  We seek qualified undergraduates willing to engage in a 2-year program of research and study.

      Eligible students will:
      Receive a $12, 000 /yr stipend
      Complete a 2-yr research project in Aquatic or Watershed Ecology
      Reside in dorm housing over the summer
      Take a 3-course sequence during the academic year
      Spend a week at a biological field station
      Travel to scientific meetings to present research results
      Train in GRE preparation
      Attend social functions with other URM researchers and more…

      Requirements to participate:
      Strong interest in graduate school and in fields related to watershed or aquatic ecology
      3.0 or higher G.P.A
      Minority status
      Junior-level standing (50-60 credits completed)

      Interested Students should visit the website for detailed info: (
      Applications due March 30, 2009.
      Contact Dr. Christ Pennuto, URM Program Director
      (716) 878-4105;