LaGuardia Community College City University of New York
New York Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP)

  Online Application


  1. Go to the LSAMP website:
  1. Click on “Register” at top of the page. Proceed to register your username, full name, e-mail address, along with a password. You will need to check that e-mail with a valid code to login the first time.

  2. Once registered, click on the tab NYC-LSAMP, scroll down to NYC-LSAMP Applications, andscroll down to NYC-LSAMP Undergraduate.



  1. On the Research Assistantship Application page, select the term you are applying for (most will apply for Fall '10 - Spring '11). Click on Start Application. Read the summary and click Save and Continue.
  1. On the Personal / Contact information category, you will need to update that information. Add your personal information.  Save and Continue.
  2. Under the Education category, the list of schools attended will be empty. You will need to click on ADD NEW SCHOOL. Make a search for your CUNY school. Provide your terms attending your current school, expected date of graduation, G.P.A, and credits completed (first semester freshmen may put 0.0 for GPA and credits).  Once you have completed that section, the Education category will now have your added school in the list. Select that school. Save and continue.


  1. Provide background information on prior experience in STEM practices.  Explain your interest in STEM disciplines. Describe your career goals. Please put some thought into writing these, they will be key for the review board to determine your motivation for research. Save and continue.
  1. Under the Project category, the list of projects will be empty. You will need to click on the link to add a new project. Provide Project Title, department, dates, objectives, and description. Update. Select your project. Save and Continue.


  1. Select your mentor. (If your mentor is not on the list, please contact the Activity Coordinator Moody Saint Louis for more information). Save and continue.
  2.  Finish and submit your application. Bring the following documents to Moody St. Louis in room M 412 (phone: 718-486-5648, email:
    1. Official transcript (a student copy is ok)
    2. Copy of social security card.
    3. Copy of Birth Certificate or Permanent Alien Green Card.


  1. Congratulations! You have completed the online application.  Be aware of e-mails you may receive on the status of your application from the LSAMP Office.

If you are experiencing difficulties with the website, or getting an error with registration, please contact Jose Cortes (web administrator) at