• ASL-English Interpretation Program Staff

    Rob Hills 

    Rob Hills, CI 

    Coordinator of ASL-English Interpretation Program
    (718) 482-5313 V
    (917) 832-1206 VP

    Vanessa Watson 4 

    Vanessa Watson 

    Administrative Assistant for ASL-English Interpretation Program
    (718) 482-5313 V
    (917) 832-1272 VP

    ASL-English Interpretation Program Instructors

  •  Candace Broecker-Penn - CI, CT, CSC, OCI:C, MA

    Candace Broecker-Penn, CI, CT, CSC, OCI:C, BA Theater and Education, MA Deafness Rehabilitation, nationally certified interpreter for over 35 years, co-founder and instructor for the Julliard Interpreting Theater Institute.

    • Introduction to the Field of Interpreting

     Debra Cole - MA Linguistics, EdD

    Debra Cole, MA Linguistics, EdD candidate Columbia University-Teachers College, Fullbright Fellow. Taught and consulted on the education of Deaf students in Italy, China, Turkey, and the United States.

    • Language in Use

     Rachel Grudberg - CI, CT, MA

    Rachel Grudberg, CI, CT, MA, BA Elementary Education, MA Deaf Education, nationally certified interpreter. Experienced interpreter for DeafBlind individuals, graduate of the ASL-English Interpretation Program at LaGuardia.

    • Interpreting VI, Interpreting IV Internship

     Mary Darragh MacLean - CSC, CI, MS, RID

    Mary Darragh MacLean, CSC, CI, MS, RID certified interpreter since 1984, interpreter educator since 1992, presents nationally on Deaf and Hearing team interpreting.

    • Interpreting II, Interpreting IV

     Cathleen M. Markland - CI, CT, CSC, MS

    Cathleen M. Markland, CI, CT, CSC, MS Teaching Interpreting, RID certified interpreter since 1986, interpreter educator since 1993, presents nationally on interpreting process models.

    • Interpreting V, Interpreting IV Internship

     R. Ummi Modeste - MSEd.

    R. Ummi Modeste, MSEd., BA and MA Deaf Education, teaches high school ASL, specializes interpreting in educational, religious and performing arts settings, graduate of the ASL-English Interpretation Program at LaGuardia.

    • Interpreting in Educational Settings

     Debbie Olsen - CI, CT, MA

    Debbie Olsen, CI, CT, MA, nationally certified interpreter, BS ASL-English Interpretation, MA Linguistics. Former Director/Trainer Manhattan VRS Center - Sorenson Communications.

    • Interpreting I, Interpreting III

     David Rivera - ASLTA, MA

    David Rivera, ASLTA, MA, ASL instructor since 1997, BA ASL Studies, MA Deaf Education, ASLTA certified, national presenter on ASL Classifiers, featured in ASL books and DVD publications.

    • Lab, Service Learning, Advanced ASL

     Lynnette Taylor - CSC, BFA

    Lynnette Taylor, CSC, BFA, nationally certified interpreter since 1978, interpreter educator since 1998, national presenter on ethical decision making for interpreters, instructed in Julliard’s Interpreting Theater Institute.

    • Ethics & Decision Making for Interpreters

  • For More Information, Contact:

    Vanessa Watson
    Administrative Assistant

     (718) 482-5313 (V)
     (917) 832-1207 (VP)
    thumb_email vwatson@lagcc.cuny.edu

    LaGuardia Community College

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