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  •      Vet Tech Program Director

             Professor Tara Scales  

    office  29-10 Thomson Avenue
           Long Island City, NY 11101
           Office: C252
    phone  718-482-5719
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  • Entrance Requirements


    All new students are initially admitted into the “pre-clinical” phase of the Veterinary Technology program. Students may then file for candidacy consideration into the Clinical phase at the beginning of each Fall semester. Entrance to the Clinical phase of the program is competitive due to limited capacity.

    Candidates must have completed the 12-credit “pre-clinical” course requirement (including specific introductory courses) by December, with a minimum 2.50 GPA and successful completion of all College entrance examinations. Candidates are then ranked on a scoring system based on overall GPA and grades in key courses.

    Meeting the minimum 2.50 GPA is not a guarantee that a student will be selected for the Clinical phase. Notification of acceptance into the Clinical Phase of the Veterinary Technology Program occurs in late January.

    Clinical Phase courses for students accepted into the Program begin in the Spring Semester. Specific, minimum health requirements for students in the Clinical Phase of the program, including tetanus and other immunizations, are also in effect for the coming academic year.

    Please consult the  Veterinary Technology Program Student Handbook  for more information.

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