1. I need my transfer credits to be evaluated/re-evaluated, where do I go?
      You can request an evaluation in person at the Transfer Credit Evaluation Office in C-102 or you can click here to request it online.

    2. Where do I find out my placement (test) scores?
      Placement test results will be posted in your LaGuardia VIP. The Testing Office does not give out scores. During your Advisement & Registration session, the advisor will explain how placement scores will determine the courses you need to take during your first semester at LaGuardia.

    3. What is a LaGuardia VIP page?
      LaGuardia VIP is a fast, convenient service and eliminates the worry of missing important college related information being lost in the mail.
      Prospective Students: Based on your interests, you can customize your VIP account. In addition, your VIP account will provide valuable information regarding your interests and admissions events. You can visit your VIP regularly for updates about LaGuardia.
      New Admitted Students: Your LaGuardia New Student VIP web page is a communications portal to help newly admitted students complete their first semester enrollment. It gives you a single place to go for LaGuardia related information and the answers to most of your questions as a new student.

    4. When will my placement (test) scores be available?
      Scores should be available approximately 2 weeks after your test date (3 weeks during peak periods). The Testing Office does not give out scores. Placement test results will be posted in your LaGuardia VIP.

    5. When can I get advised and register for classes?
      Your New Student Advising & Registration session will take place approximately 3 weeks after you have:
      • Completed all placement testing
      • Submitted your admissions documentation
      • Supplied a copy of your immunization compliance

      You will be notified via email and your LaGuardia VIP page when it’s time to schedule your New Student Advising & Registration session. Your invitation will include a list of options for you to select the exact date and time for your appointment.

    6. How can I reschedule my placement test?
      You can reschedule your appointment to take the placement test by:
      • Contacting the Student Information Center at (718) 482-5000 or
      • Email infonow@lagcc.cuny.edu or
      • Reschedule through your LaGuardia VIP page

    7. Do you offer proctoring services?
      If you have permission from your institution to use LaGuardia Community College as on off-site proctoring location, please email testing@lagcc.cuny.edu indicating the time frame in which you need to test, the school you are testing for and the type of exam you will be taking. After the date and time are agreed on, your school will email the proctor agreement, proctoring instructions and any other exam materials needed to the LaGuardia Testing Office.
      The fee is $12 per hour, and cost is not prorated for partial hours (for example, a test that takes 61 minutes is counted as longer than 1 hour and will cost $24). The student will be allowed to purchase a money order from the local 7-Eleven near the campus to pay for proctoring services used. If any materials need to be shipped after the test, you will also be responsible for the cost of that postage.


    1. I missed my midterm/final exam for my English class what should I do?
      Contact the English department for information. The English department is located in the E-Building room E-103.

    2. I missed my midterm/final exam for my Reading (CSE/CSZ 99) class, what should I do?
      Contact the Education and Language Acquisition (ELA) department for information. The ELA department is located in the B-Building room B-234.

    3. I missed my final exam for my Math (MAT 96) class, what should I do?
      Contact the Math department for information. The department is located in the E-Building room E-218.

    4. I didn’t sign-up for midterm/final exam by the deadline date, what should I do?
      Contact the appropriate Academic department for information. You can also speak with your professor.