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    LaGuardia Community College is a nationally recognized leader among community colleges for boundary-breaking success educating non-native students. You will have at your disposal New York's largest ESL Program which includes an extensive  Education and Language Acquisition Department offering advanced academic courses in 12 modern languages and preparatory courses to help you read, write, and speak English proficiently;

    With 160 countries represented and 127 native languages spoken by our students, faculty and staff, there is no better place to explore, experiment, and learn. LaGuardia will give you the inspiration and tools you need to take charge, challenge expectations and write your own future. 

    New Years

    1. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or IELTS. All International Students must submit TOEFL scores, unless you are from a country where English is the official language. If your TOEFL scores are below 450, you can enroll in one of LaGuardia's English Language Center's intensive programs, before applying to the College.

    2. Submit one of the following to CUNY:

    A General Freshman Application if you have never attended a high-learning institution in or outside of the United States. Review Freshman Applicant requirements in addition to International Student requirements for more details.

    A Transfer Application to CUNY if you have attended a higher learning institution in or outside of the United States. This applies even if you are still in your first year, will not transfer credits, or if you're at another CUNY school. Review Transfer Student requirements in addition to International Student requirements for more details.

    Be sure to complete the correct application,


    An application to LaGuardia's TELC for TOEFL preparation courses.

    3. Submit the following documents in one complete package to LaGuardia's International Student Services office. Upon approval, LaGuardia will return these documents to you along with the form I-20.

    • Personal bank statements that demonstrate your ability to finance or partially finance four semesters (two full years) of expenses.

    • A notarized statement of financial support from each of your sponsors detailing monetary amounts and/or exactly what they will provide (example: room and board, personal expenses, tuition, etc). Statements promising more money than what a sponsor's income will realistically allow will be rejected. No affidavits are needed if you are sponsoring yourself.

    A sponsor providing a free place to live and free meals (which is worth more than 50% of the estimated dollar amount needed to support a student) must sign an affidavit of free room and board, and provide a copy of his/her property deed or rental lease (housing that is too small or too far from the College will not be accepted).

    Proof of sponsor's income on his/her employer's letterhead, or income tax receipts or forms, or estimated income by a bank (letters stating that a sponsor "has enough" will not be accepted; estimated U.S. Dollar amounts must be disclosed). A company's income cannot be accepted as proof of a sponsor's income. Only proof of the official salary paid to a sponsor is accepted.

    Scholarship award letters stating scholarship amount and duration.

    Note: Submit only original documents, no less than six months old. If the originals are not in English, please supply official translations and convert currencies into U.S. dollars.

    4. Once you have been admitted to a full-time program and proven your ability to afford college and living expenses, you must apply to obtain an F-1 Student Visa, which will allow you to enroll in a U.S. college as an international student. B-1/B-2 Tourist Visas and other types of visas cannot be used to enroll in a U.S. college.

    Take the following to the American Consulate in your country:
    • The LaGuardia Community College form I-20
    • Your acceptance letter (from LaGuardia Community College)
    • Your passport
    • Financial support documents
    • Proof of SEVIS fee payment
    • Visa fee

    You are an International Student if you hold a temporary student visa while enrolled at the College. If you are a resident alien, permanent resident, refugee, or citizen who attended a higher-learning institution in a foreign country, you are a Transfer Student; if you attended a secondary school only and it was in a foreign country, you are a Freshman Applicant.

    We're only an email or phone call away. Send specific questions to admissions@lagcc.cuny.edu or call 718-482-5000. If you would like to receive general admission information, please use the Admissions Inquiry Form

    Business & Technology Academy
    Roni Patterson

    (718) 482-6013
    Liberal Arts Academy
    Alex Abramov

    (718) 482-6014
    Health, Mathematics & Science Academy
    Carole Julien

    (718) 482-6006
    Program Director:
    Lisa DeSpain

    (718) 482-6192
    Program Director:
    Louis Lucca

    (718) 482-5692
    Program Director:
    James Richardson

    (718) 349-4033
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