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    STM Program

    The STM Program offers an opportunity for selected LaGuardia Community College students to learn new skills and contribute to the center's broader initiative. The program provides instructional, technical support for LaGuardia's faculty and students. The Student Technology Mentors receive in-depth training and unique experiences that prepare them for success in education and career while providing instructional technology support to the college community.

    Training - Prior to beginning their work with students and faculty, STMs go through a semester-long training program, led by CTL Associate Director Josephine Corso, where they learn the computer applications used by faculty in their web-enhanced courses (i.e. Blackboard and ePortfolio). During training, the STM is assigned to a specific faculty member, working 15 hours per week and  are usually assigned with two or more faculty partners.

    The STM training continues through the following semester, with weekly sessions offering advanced software training conducted by Ali Abdallah. STMs are also introduced to digital photography, scanning images and text, and photo editing. In addition, Ms. Corso facilitates discussions on workplace relationships and the educational role of the STM. The weekly sessions provide STMs with the opportunity to share their work experience, ask questions, get feedback, and receive continued support from the CTL staff as well as from one another. In addition to the direct connections made with faculty and CTL staff, STMs develop a community of mutual support that helps to open new opportunities for educational and career advancement.

    Work - STMs work closely with LaGuardia faculty, helping them design, create, utilize, and maintain technology-enriched teaching resources. STMs meet with faculty on a weekly basis to help them plan and prepare digital resources such as online activities, multimedia presentations, or make revisions to course web sites. STMs attend related classes to work as teaching assistants, supplementing the work of faculty and the IT staff, and helping students use the digital resources as effective learning tools. Faculty who work with STMs have been effusive in their praise of the students and the value of their assistance.

    Learning Experience - As part of their learning experience, STMs create a client-based web page using Dreamweaver and a personal ePortfolio, advancing their proficiency in web page development. They also complete a tutorial project, which may require researching an advanced software applications, developing instructional materials about the topic, and presenting it to other STMs as a training workshop. The learning advantages to this project are manifold, taking responsibility for their own learning, developing skills in research, writing, production, and oral presentation. 

    STM Relections

    Being and STM is a rewarding experience.  I am able to help people with little things that will eventually help them achieve their goal, also at the same time you learn from them. 

    - Paola Salcedo

    The STM job allows me to help people while learning from them, I also get to learn about new technology.

    - Chaimae Wardei

    The program helps me to stay up-to-date with new technology skills and tools.

    - Md Torikol

     As a student, it can be difficult to manage your time. This job offers the flexible schedule to succeed in class. 

    - Rey Francis