• Pathways
  • Gateway Courses into Majors

    There are currently three "gateway" courses leading into several of CUNY's most popular majors. Designated courses for these majors will transfer for major credit between CUNY colleges offering the same major.

    Since course titles may vary across the colleges, please visit B-101 to schedule an appointment with an academic adviser to ensure you fully understand how the requirements of your degree program work with Pathways.

    Participating Majors and Courses:

    • Biology
    • Business
    • Criminal Justice 
    • Introduction to Law Enforcement
    • Introduction to Criminal Justice
    • Criminology
    • Economics
    • Engineering
    • English 
    • English Composition
    • Introduction to Literature
    • Introduction to Literary Studies
    • Nursing 
    • Anatomy and Physiology I
    • Anatomy and Physiology II
    • Introduction to Psychology
    • Political Science
    • Psychology 
    • Introduction to Psychology
    • Either an Abnormal Psychology or a Personality Psychology course
    • Either a Child Development or a Lifespan Development course
    • Sociology
    • Teacher Education 
    • Social Foundations of Education
    • Psychological Foundations of Education (Child Development)
    • Arts in Education
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