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    What is Pathways?
    Pathways to Degree Completion (aka Pathways) initiative, is a new, CUNY-wide system of general education requirements and new transfer guidelines makes it easier for students to transfer with CUNY. Pathways consists of the Required Common Core (12 credits) and the Flexible Common Core (18 credits).

    When will Pathways take effect?

    Starting in Fall 2013, the City University of New York (CUNY) is scheduled to launch the Pathways Initiative across its undergraduate colleges.

    What are the benefits of Pathways?
    Pathways to Degree Completion (aka Pathways) is CUNY’s new curriculum structure that is designed to make it easier for you to transfer from one CUNY college to another.

    How does Pathways affect transferring to a CUNY senior college?
    Pathways allows for a seamless transfer of credits from one CUNY college to another. Once students have completed a Common Core requirement at one CUNY college (30 credits), that requirement is considered fulfilled if they transfer to another CUNY college.

    What about transferring to a Non-CUNY college or university?

    The Pathways general education requirement applies only to CUNY colleges and has no real impact on transfer to a non-CUNY colleges or universities. Many LaGuardia students transfer to SUNY and private institutions. The college has many articulation agreements with institutions outside of CUNY, which ensure seamless transfer. Click here for more information on transfer opportunities at SUNY and private institutions.

    I am enrolled in an Associate in Applied Science degree program. How does Pathways affect me?

    Students enrolled in an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree program are not required to complete the 30 credit Common Core. However, the Liberal Arts courses required for each AAS degree must be Pathways-approved Common Core courses. AAS students should consult their advisers to ensure the Liberal Arts courses meet Pathways requirements.

    Does Pathways cost more?
    No. Because Pathways will enhance your transition to a four-year institution, no credits will be wasted, nor will any financial aid be lost.

    How will Pathways affect my financial aid?
    Whether you choose to opt into Pathways or not, there will be no effect on your financial aid.

    Why should I finish my degree at LaGuardia?
    Over 60 percent of LaGuardia graduates transfer to a four-year college. This is more than three times the national rate. Students with an Associate degree are generally better prepared and more successful after transfer than students who begin at a senior college.

    Where will faculty, staff and students learn more about Pathways?

    Updates on Pathways at LaGuardia will be posted on this website. Other communications regarding Pathways will be sent to students, faculty and staff via email.


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