• POD Network Conference November 2013: Connect, Risk, Learn

  • The 2013 POD (Professional and Organizational Development) Conference will be held in Pittsburgh, PA from November 6 - 10, 2013.

    For complete information visit http://podnetwork.org/event/pod-2013/

    From the conference site:

     "This year’s conference theme is Freedom to Connect -- Freedom to Risk -- Freedom to Learn. This theme invites us to explore the diverse landscape of higher education and the learning journey that includes questioning, experimentation, discovery and wisdom...

     "This year’s conference will examine multiple routes, methods, and networks that allow us to create rich and rewarding connections as learners and educators. How do we foster the cognitive connections that are the foundation of learning? What role do the interpersonal and affective play in generating new knowledge? How do we pave the way as educators to permit linkages across disciplines, programs and institutions?

    "The learning process does not come without risk. This year’s theme reminds us that learning requires embracing the new and venturing into the unknown, perhaps dealing with vulnerability and uncertainty.... We invite you to investigate the many roles that risk and vulnerability play in the higher education setting. What can we do to support ourselves, or others, through the learning curve? How do we nurture transformation and change in a risk-averse world? What are the scholarly practices and practical considerations for helping others embrace innovation, cope with change, and learn from failure or struggle?"