• Opening Sessions 

    The theme for this year’s Opening Sessions is Promoting Student Success: Supporting Community College Learning & Development

    The faculty and staff of LaGuardia Community College have made a concentrated effort to increase student success and progress toward degree completion. Through our work we have realized that there is no single solution but rather an ongoing exploration of new programs, ideas and possibilities. Promoting student success involves embracing the iterative nature of teaching and learning. Recent innovations have led to transformations in student advising, the First Year Experience and classroom pedagogy, but even these initiatives are just the tip of the iceberg. The driving force of progress is a shared community effort through the blending of diverse talents, perspectives and knowledge. Even the smallest solution can have a great impact when it is shared and explored in a larger audience. What else has been going on at LaGuardia to promote student success? What additional ideas can we explore as an engaged, campus community? How can we make current projects more successful? How can we define “success” in a way that is relevant to both our goals as educators and the interests of our students?

    We hope this year's theme will allow the LaGuardia community to come together and talk about what we have accomplished to promote student success and share ideas to manifest the holistic, student-centered environment we strive to establish and maintain. In light of this theme, we strongly encourage presentations that include students as participants.

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